How Having A Luxury Serviced Office In Central London Can Benefit Your Business

Published On 25th June 2021 by Kerri McMahon

Choosing your business location is arguably one of the most important decisions you need to make as a business owner. Where you choose to have your office will directly affect the success of your business and you will want to ensure that you’re making the right decision in this regard. However, lots of businesses will be swayed by price when it comes to choosing a serviced office to rent and they will end up opting for an affordable solution rather than a well-located solution. 


It isn’t uncommon for businesses to shy away from luxury serviced offices in London simply because of their price, but there are so many advantages to being in the capital. So, when choosing a home for your business, instead of simply ruling London out, take some time to consider how being in a busy city can benefit your business. Below we have highlighted some of the main benefits that all business owners should be aware of in this regard. 


Your office will be easy to get to 


London is one of the easiest places in the UK to get to and there is an abundance of transport links throughout the city. From bus routes and railway stations to underground tubes and even airports, you will never have to worry about the accessibility of your serviced office when you choose a London location. Not only will your employees easily be able to get to the office, but any clients coming in for meetings will too and this is incredibly important. 


You will have multiple networking opportunities


No matter what industry your business falls under, you can guarantee that thanks to the sheer number of businesses operating in London, networking will be easier than ever before. Simply being in the city will provide you with opportunities that you wouldn’t get elsewhere and growing your business is often much easier when you’re well-located. There will be hundreds of networking events every month in London too, allowing you to mix with the best in your industry.


Your office will impress potential clients


Your business address says so much about you and it isn’t uncommon for potential clients to form opinions about your business solely on your postcode. Many will associate London addresses with success and having an office in a desirable part of the city will help to improve the overall image of your business. Not to mention, if you have a well-designed luxury serviced office in Central London, this will impress anyone that you choose to meet here too. 


You will have access to better talent 


Where your office is located will influence the talent you attract when you have job vacancies and there is no better place to be than London when you’re wanting access to the best. Recruiting highly skilled professionals is much easier when you’re based in a London office, not to mention with many local universities, you have the chance to recruit from a vast pool of young talent too. With the right team behind you, your business will go from strength to strength. 


You will have a number of luxury offices to choose from


There are numerous areas in London that are built up with lots of contemporary offices. Wherever you’d like to be situated, you will be spoilt for choice when choosing a private office space that is beautifully designed and also fully equipped and fully furnished. With such a huge choice of luxurious offices in the city, you won’t ever have to compromise when deciding where you’d like to work and you can ensure that your office meets all of your needs. 


Finding a luxury serviced office in Central London


Whilst there are so many different places in the UK that you could choose to become the home for your business, it goes without saying really that being in London is incredibly beneficial. Although working in the capital can be more expensive than other more rural destinations, it is almost always a worthwhile expense and when you choose to rent a serviced office space, you will be surprised just how cost-effective your workspace can be. 


Should you be looking for a luxury serviced office in Central London, be sure to contact us here at One Avenue. We have a number of high-quality private offices to rent throughout the capital and any of our locations will make the perfect home for your business. We pride ourselves on providing fully managed offices that are a breath of fresh air and we break the mould with our service levels, so you will never be disappointed when you choose to rent a luxury serviced office in Central London with us.