Boosting Employee Morale When Working In A Serviced Office 

Published On 23rd June 2021 by Kerri McMahon

Whilst employee morale can sometimes be difficult to define, all businesses know just how important it is. Employee morale really can affect everything from motivation, productivity and efficiency to your business’ competitiveness, and it is vital to ensure that as a business owner you’re doing all you can to keep morale high. However, many struggle to know how to boost employee morale, especially when it is at an all-time low. 


Lots of businesses hoped that by simply returning to their office space again after a long time away, their employee morale would be positively affected but this hasn’t been the case for everyone. If you have noticed that your employees seem unmotivated and uninterested in their job role and the businesses as a whole, below we have put together some useful tips for boosting morale in the workplace. 


Redesign your office space 


If your office space isn’t inspiring and it doesn’t have the right atmosphere, then this can be the cause of your poor morale. It may be worth looking at the interior design and the layout of your office and making a few changes. This alone can help to improve the mood and behaviour of your employees and, in turn, the morale of your whole team. 


Offer development opportunities


So many employees thrive in the workplace when they have something to work towards and a lack of development opportunities or promotions can be what’s causing low morale. Try to provide your employees with more chances for professional growth and allow them to challenge themselves. This can help to prevent your team from being disengaged and bored. 


Provide recognition of hard work 


All employees like to be recognised for what they do for a business, especially if they have gone above and beyond, and if you’re not thanking them or even acknowledging their hard work, this can be detrimental for morale. When your employees feel truly appreciated they will be more willing to give their all to their job role and they will strive to continue to impress. 


Share positive news with your employees


Communication is always important, yet often the bad is communicated more than the good in an office environment. Instead of only telling your employees about mistakes they’ve made or negative reviews you’ve received, try giving them a boost with some positive news too. If you have smashed a target or got multiple happy customers, telling your employees can help with overall morale. 


Arrange social events for employees


When work is always serious and there is no relief, morale can really suffer, so providing employees with the opportunity to let their hair down can be beneficial. Planning social events, even if it’s just a lunch together, can encourage employees to interact and have fun with each other. Positive personal relationships in the workplace will influence morale too. 


Promote a better work/life balance


Whether they’re working remotely or working in the office, lots of employees work for much longer than they should and they put their personal lives on a back seat. Encouraging your employees to take a lunch break, finish on time, book some holiday and simply leave their work in the office, so to speak, can make such a huge difference to the morale of your team. 


Introduce new perks and benefits 


This isn’t a long term fix for poor employee morale, but it can help to give you a boost now that your employees have returned to the office. Having good perks, benefits and rewards in place can help to ensure that your employees feel valued and it can change their attitude towards their job role. So, consider what you can put in place to help during this difficult time. 


Working in a fully serviced office in London 


Ultimately, there is no downplaying how important employee morale is to business success and it is absolutely essential to ensure that you’re keeping this morale high. If you’ve noticed that your morale has suffered this past year whilst working remotely, hopefully, the tips above will be useful to you and you can ensure that now everyone is back working in your serviced office, employee morale starts to improve. 


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