Why So Many Businesses Choose To Rent A Serviced Office

Published On 30th April 2021 by Kerri McMahon

When you own a business and you’re looking for a professional workspace, you will have so many different options to choose from. Traditionally, almost all business owners would buy a commercial building for their employees to work from, but this is no longer the case and nowadays, this is actually one of the least desirable solutions available. Generally speaking, the majority of business owners would prefer to rent their office space. 


Even when it comes to renting somewhere instead of buying a building, you will still have lots of different options to consider and one of the most popular types of rented workspaces tends to be a serviced office. There are a number of benefits to this unique working environment and if you’re wondering why so many people are turning to office locations and renting serviced office spaces, keep reading today. 


They are fully furnished and ready to move into 


Unlike when you purchase a commercial building which can take months to complete, when you rent a serviced office space, you will be able to move straight in. These offices also come fully furnished with absolutely everything that you need to work efficiently, from equipment to furnishings, making them one of the most convenient options available. 


They provide access to more desirable locations 


Generally speaking, office locations tend to be situated in really desirable locations, like central London, and they provide businesses with the opportunity to be based somewhere with huge business potential. You can expect the buildings that serviced offices are in to be well located in terms of local amenities and public transport as well. 


They are affordable and easy to budget for 


With serviced offices, you only pay for the space that you’re using and you can simply rent a small office if that’s all you need. This can make having a workspace much more affordable and cost-effective for businesses. Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about additional expenses for things like building maintenance either, so your office is really easy to budget for.


They offer businesses increased flexibility


Even when compared to renting an empty office building, serviced offices provide so much more flexibility. They don’t have the commitment of a long rental contract and these spaces can provide you with fluidity in your working environment. This is perfect for everyone from freelancers to small businesses and it prevents you from being restricted by your workspace. 


They provide you with additional facilities 


More often than not, there aren’t just private offices inside these locations, they have a number of additional facilities and communal areas too. These buildings will be able to cater for all of your business needs with things such as meeting rooms and conference spaces available to use. Often, they will have kitchens and break our areas for your employees as well. 


They have lots of networking opportunities


Due to the fact that you won’t be the only business that works in an office location, renting a serviced office provides you with lots of networking opportunities as well. Meeting new people, discussing your company and sharing ideas will be a daily occurrence in a shared workspace and you may potentially even gain some new business from others in the building too. 


Finding a London serviced office to rent


Whilst there are so many different workspace solutions available to businesses nowadays, it is easy to see why lots of business owners choose to rent serviced offices. They are undeniably a brilliant solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and the flexibility of this solution means that they are able to accommodate businesses for longer periods of time. To find out more about renting a serviced office in London, please contact us here at One Avenue. 


We offer workspaces throughout the capital and we will gladly answer any questions that you may have about renting this type of private office space. Of course, if you’re trying to find a London serviced office to rent then our team can help you choose the perfect workspace from our wide selection of offices, all of which come with flexible terms and a dedicated onsite support team. There is no better company to turn to when you’re wanting to find a serviced office space in London.