How Having An Office Can Help Your Business Grow

Published On 28th April 2021 by Kerri McMahon

When starting a new business nowadays, there are often multiple debates between partners as to whether a physical office space is actually required. Lots of businesses work remotely full time and are very successful, and an increasing number are incorporating some sort of hybrid working solution where employees don’t have to come into the office every day. This can cause company owners to question whether a serviced office really is a worthwhile expense. 


However, it is fair to say that having a workspace is actually more important than people tend to assume and it can be advantageous in many different ways. No matter what industry sector you fall under or how many employees you currently have, a serviced office space really can help your business grow, which is vital for new start-ups, and below we have looked into some of the main reasons why you should consider renting a serviced office. 


An office can improve efficiency


Generally speaking, a traditional working environment can make almost all elements of business life much easier and more efficient. Whilst technology provides alternatives to needing to meet in person these days, being in the same room as your partners and employees can make even the most simple tasks quicker and more straightforward. The ease of communication and smoother operations that an office provides can be undeniably beneficial.


An office can attract new talent 


In order to grow, a business needs to have a good team of employees and hiring can usually be easier when you have an office space too. Often, a company’s workspace hints at its value and its success, and many candidates will be more attracted to your open vacancies when you have a serviced office. It isn’t uncommon for traditional workspaces to help with employee retention too and it is likely that you will have a better turnover rate when you work from an office. 


An office can aid collaborations


Creativity and innovation are also incredibly important if you want to be successful and when you have an office space, it will be much easier for partners and employees to collaborate. Many feel more motivated and inspired when they’re working in an office environment too and coming up with new ideas will probably be much easier. Businesses tend to find that implementing these new ideas is also easier when they’re in an office as well. 


An office can help with brand identity 


For both start-ups and well-established companies, brand identity is essential to growth. Building and maintaining a strong and consistent brand identity is so important, and an office space can help you to do this. Many also find that simply working in a more traditional environment also helps them to create a good company culture and improve overall business morale too, which again, are very important to growth and success.


An office can build trust 


Simply having a business address and working in an office space can help your business gain trust and confidence from investors, clients and employees alike. The professional environment that you work in will make your business come across more professional in general and being able to meet important associates and clients in an office setting or even a meeting room is much more beneficial than a virtual or coffee shop meeting. 


Finding a serviced office in London 


There is no denying that having a traditional workspace isn’t necessarily essential for businesses these days but, nevertheless, working in a serviced office is incredibly beneficial. It is undoubtedly worthwhile looking for a suitable office space for your business, especially if you are just starting out, and you can almost always guarantee that this is one expense that will be very cost-effective in the long run. 


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