7 Reasons Why You Need To Get Your Employees Back In The Office

Published On 20th April 2021 by Kerri McMahon

Businesses from a huge range of different industry sectors have been working remotely for over a year now and almost all of these employees have been working full-time. For lots of businesses, working remotely is something they had never ever considered doing before but now that it has been successful and they haven’t run into any problems, they are contemplating continuing this for the foreseeable future.


Business owners are faced with making a big decision regarding their serviced office and many are finding it difficult to know whether or not they really require this space anymore. Whilst employees may be able to work remotely, it is fair to say that that having an office space is still incredibly beneficial and there are numerous reasons why you should get your employees back into the office as soon as you can, and here are 7 to consider; 


  • Working in the office increases productivity


Almost all businesses find that their employees are much more productive when they’re working in the office and they’re not experiencing the many distractions that come with working from home. Often, a workspace directly influences productivity, so bringing your employees back into the office will ensure they’re always being as productive as possible. 


  • An office space improves communication


It goes without saying that communication is essential in business and this often suffers when employees are working remotely. Getting employees back in the office will prevent the need for virtual catch-ups and video conference calls, and people will simply be able to talk to one another again with no hassle at all. This can be incredibly beneficial for a number of reasons.


  • Having employees together will boost morale 


Many have struggled to keep business morale high when everyone is working in different locations and employees tend to be less satisfied with their working life in general. As soon as you bring employees back into the office, you will find it much easier to boost morale again and improve the attitudes and opinions that employees have about their job roles. 


  • Being in the office allows employers to provide better support 


It is very difficult to provide adequate support to employees when they’re working remotely and many feel as though they aren’t being properly supported by their employer. When returning to the office, you will be able to offer more support to new-starters and long-serving employees alike and it is likely that employees will find it easier to ask for the support they need too. 


  • The office offers a better work-life balance


When working from home, many employees will be putting in longer and more irregular hours than they normally would, and this can have a negative effect on their work-life balance. By getting employees back in the office, you can better monitor the hours they’re working and help to prevent them from working too much and risking a burnout. 


  • Coming into the office gives employees a routine


Having a routine and a structured lifestyle has numerous health and wellbeing benefits, but when working remotely, many employees have struggled to get into a routine. By working from the office again, employees will instantly be provided with a bit of ‘normality’ and even just commuting again will help them to have a better daily routine. 


  • An office space provides employees with the best tools


Lots of employees don’t have the right tools at home to do their job to the best of their ability. Whilst they have been provided with a laptop/computer, not having a real desk or high speed internet connection can make working much more difficult than it should be. Bringing employees back to the office will mean they have everything they need to work efficiently again. 


Finding a fully serviced office space in London 


All in all, even though some businesses may be tempted to continue working remotely if it has been relatively successful for them this past year, there really are a number of benefits to bringing your employees back into the office. You can guarantee that not only will this make a positive difference to your employees’ working lives, but it will also greatly improve your business as a whole too, so your office space isn’t something you should give up. 


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