4 Ways Serviced Offices Can Help You Gain More Clients

Published On 3rd September 2020 by One Avenue

4 Ways Serviced Offices Can Help You Gain More Clients

Serviced offices are becoming increasingly popular, especially amongst small businesses and freelancers. They can be hugely beneficial as they offer business owners great flexibility, but they can also be a much more cost-effective way of running a business. Although you need to pay rent, you get a lot of other essential services as part of the cost, including mail handling, maintenance, and cleaning. Serviced offices are fully furnished, so you know that when you rent an office, you don’t need to worry about budgeting for other essential services. Perhaps one of the most significant benefits, though, is the collaborative community they create. This is often overlooked when companies consider renting serviced offices, but this office set up can be the perfect way to network. These are some ways serviced offices can help you gain more clients.

Shared Spaces

Serviced offices are most often used by freelancers, SME’s, and other companies with remote workers. As the offices are shared spaces, there is the opportunity to collaborate and network with other businesses who share the space too. This can often lead to the referral of work and it can generally give workers the chance to share ideas. It is especially important for those who run a business on their own and want some support or just other people to speak to during the day. The more people you encounter and get to know, the more likely you will be to expand your business opportunities.

Offices in New Areas

In some cases, businesses decide to use serviced offices in other areas, to get a feel for a different location. A serviced office in an area you’re unfamiliar with can seem quite daunting, but it can be the perfect way to expand your business. With an office in another location, you get to know other individuals in the area. It can be a good way to network and promote your brand in unfamiliar territory.

Access to High End Clients

If you don’t have much of a budget for office space, you will find that your clientele is limited. You may be based in an area where your potential clients are limited, or they just don’t fit with your expectations. With serviced offices in a lucrative area, you could gain access to your ideal customers who have the budget to spend more on your business services or products.

Impress New Clients

One way to impress clients is by having high quality offices for them to visit. With serviced offices, they will be able to access high-end facilities, and this will do wonders for your brand. The client will leave with a positive impression of your business and will be more likely to want to promote your brand to others.

Business owners don’t often consider the benefits services offices can have on their business prospects. The focus tends to be on the cost and flexibility advantages, rather than the boost it can give to their client base. If you’d like to find out more about our serviced offices, get in touch and we will be happy to help.