Serviced Vs Leased Offices

Published On 11th February 2019 by Jack Consalvi

Do you have certainty over the number of employees you expect to have going forward?

What guarantee do you have over your business stability as it stands today for the next 2-5 years (i.e. no growth or downside risks)?

How important is scalability and flexibility to your business (Upward/Downwards)?

Do you have the resources needed to manage all aspects of your business, both now and in the future?


Now that you’ve thought about those questions and have a fresh scope on the long/short-term movement of your business, you can use the information in this guide to help inform your decision between the two office solutions I am about to discuss.

Should you decide to scale your business upward or downwards, you’re going to need to decide between Leased or Serviced Office options, and if you’re not exactly sure on the difference between the two, you’re in the right place.

The Leased Office option may seem cheaper to begin with (considering that the price on the tin is initially less) – but there are so many other costs and factors to take into account AFTER you sign your lease.


In simpler terms, you have invested in the shell of your business and you now need to cover the following:



↗️ Design & Build Costs

↗️ IT Equipment

↗️ Furniture

↗️ Stamp Duty

↗️ Agents Fees

↗️ Legal Costs


↗️ Building Management

↗️ Security

↗️ Receptionists

↗️ Maintenance & Repairs

↗️ Cleaning

↗️ Utilities (water, gas, electricity)

↗️ Waste Disposal & Recycling

↗️ Pest Control


↗️ Rent

↗️ Business Rates

↗️ Service Charge

↗️ Health & Safety

↗️ Building Insurance


You can treat the above as a checklist that you can refer to, should you decide to move into the world of Leased Offices – I hope it helps.

Although it might be overwhelming looking at the angles you would need to cover and manage yourself – it could still be the better solution if you looking for long-term space. For larger corporations with the resources already on-hand to address office moving/managing protocols, Leased Offices might be the better alternative (so it’s worth looking into).

If you’re a Facilities Manager already, or an expert in that field, then you probably know this already – but if you wanted to look further into the options there are available, then it would be worth considering Solution #2…


A Model Designed To:

✅ Save Time & Resource So You Can Focus On Your Business

(*Initial Set-up and Project Management *Day-To-Day Facilities Management)

✅ Save On The Initial Cost

(No Up-Front Capital or Set-up Costs)

✅ Provide Cost Certainty Over The Term

(Compared to Leasing Prices That May Vary)

✅ Ensure Smooth Transitioning Process

(Instant Move-In With “Plug & Play” Set-Up Process)

✅ Offer Term Flexibility

(*Flexibility Over Length of Term *Compromised Contract Ensures No Double-Rent)

✅ Create Flexibility To Scale

(Flexibility to Expand OR Downsize)


With the benefits above undoubtably attractive to the average business owner, you can get a lot more out of Serviced Office options than you may have thought.

But since it can vary from business to business, I’ll let you know what we offer here at One Avenue:


 ✅ Dual Backup Line Facilities

 ✅ Grade A Secure & Monitored Comms Room

(Including *24/7 Cooling System *Fire Prevention)

 ✅ Disaster Recovery

 ✅ Backup Generator



 ✅ Building Management Team On-Hand (To Support You)

✅ Professional Front of House Reception

 ✅ Exclusive Guest Lounge Experience

 ✅ Business Support Team



✅ Complimentary Kitchen

✅ Complimentary Meeting Rooms

✅ Complimentary Private Chat Rooms

✅ Complimentary Break-Out Space

✅ Complimentary Showers


Whether you’re looking to upscale or downsize, it’s important to weigh out the benefits between Serviced and Leased Office Options – so I hope this guide comes in handy.

Just consider whether you have the necessary resources needed to accommodate for your chosen solution and whether you want to manage everything yourself.

But if you do decide to go down the Serviced Office route, One Avenue can accommodate for the fully serviced & stress-free space that your business needs; providing luxurious 5 ★ boutique office space to businesses of all types/sizes.

Using our 100% customisable office options and interior specialists, we will work to construct a space that brings your design and vision into fruition.

We thrive in putting the “service” into serviced offices to create a market-leading experience; providing extensive office solutions across London.


So before you make your decision –

  • Are you happy to wait up to 90 days for Internet Installation after signing a lease?
  • Do you have the resources to obtain a Rent Review Specialist, Procurement Coordinator and Project Management Team once your space has been accquired?
  • Do you want flexibility over your term and space to compromise the scalablilty of your business (upwards/downwards), or are you happy to stick with the fixed conditions of your lease?

If you have any enquiries regarding our Serviced Office Solutions for your business, just get in contact –

Have a great day!

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