An Ode To Services Offices

Published On 11th February 2019 by Jack Consalvi

When one thinks of offices, you probably think dull and boring White walls, cold spaces, no ambience (and certainly with no fire in their lounge roaring).

Well, my friend, you would be right, for serviced offices tend to be just that, Old and stuffy, ‘traditional’ rooms with ugly furniture crammed in tight.

Serviced you say, well that’s a laugh, The idea of service in this industry is a farce! But don’t fret, as things are now moving on, Three years ago One Avenue was born and put a stop to the serviced office being a con.

Well actually, I tell a lie, for us, it’s not just about an office, it’s a home-from-home, a place of inspiration that you buy. Tell us what you would like, your wish is our command! Whatever you need, whenever you need it, no request is too high a demand.

We hand pick our staff with nothing but a positive attitude to service you, They will treat you so well you’ll be pinching yourself to check that it’s true.

We will help you move in and be there for you along the way, From time to time if issues arise, we are pro-active problem solvers too so don’t worry, it will be okay.

I don’t know what it is that you do, but our love and passion for looking after our customers is what makes us go above and beyond for you.

We may not make it sound hard, Sometimes it is- blood, sweat and tears to prove it, (which we will try not to get on your welcome card).

We have top-of-the-range IT available, Nothing but the best to keep your business stable.

Speaking of which, let’s do it together, One Avenue will be an extension to your business, that you hold dear.

Wherever you want to be- Bank, Southwark or Aldgate; And other locations too at a later date.

The possibilities are endless, your journey with us starts here, no stress.